Hyundai i20 Elite: Excellent Blend of Sportiness and Style

Hyundai i20 Elite: Excellent Blend of Sportiness and Style


With its fluidic sculpture and ambitious design, the new i20 provides unparalleled confidence on the road. It compromised on nothing from the modern appeal and fluid aesthetics to the premium interiors.

The fluidic design concept gets to the road all the excitement, flair and exhilaration that one would expect from an elegant bold car like the Elite.

This dynamic and ergonomic design not only meets the comfort and convenience of people, but is also spacious and stylish. Passengers can enjoy their drive on the well-cushioned seats that offer good back and thigh support in addition to offering adequate storage space like cup holders, glove box, and map pockets. Thanks to the hi-tech and premium interior features that the new i20 Elite offers, it’s a perfect premium hatchback!

As for the driving experience, it offers a smooth and powerful feel with enhanced engine and gearboxes that come equipped with cutting-edge technologies for more power and minimal consumption of fuel. Though it’s more powerful, the experience is still more tranquil.

On the whole, the new Hyundai i20 Elite is a car that’s much beyond just a hatchback. A sure-shot Hyundai i20 classic model for those who love elegance and simplicity!


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